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Requirements for How to Manually Pull an Email from an Email Queue While Using Available Status for a Contact Center Agent


Allowing an Agent to work on emails while being in Available status to accept and simultaneously work on other interactions.

Applies To

  • Agent Workspace
  • Configuration Manager for Contact Center


Step One: Enable the check box is enabled for "Enable agents to return to available status after pulling an email."

Go to Home > Profile Profile > Scroll down towards the bottom left corner.


Step Two: At the Agent level, enable the check box for "Allow agent to Pull e-mails from queue."


Now, the agent is configured to pull emails from assigned email queues.

Step Three: To manually pull an email, the Agent needs to change the Agent Workspace status to Offline. If the Agent is in Available status while trying to manually pull an email by clicking on an email to grab it, the Agent will receive an error message stating, "This action is not allowed in your current status."


Step Four: End.

Additional Information

Agent Assumptions: The Agent might assume that the Agent Workspace can be in Available status while being able to manually pull an email, which is not allowed.

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