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Agent Receiving Voicemails On 8x8 Work Phone


An 8x8 Contact Center Agent is receiving voicemails on their Work for Desktop phone.

Applies To

  • Contact Center 
  • 8x8 Work phone
  • Voicemails


Edit Agent's 8x8 Work Call Forwarding settings.

  1. Log into 8x8 Admin Console
  2. Go to Users
  3. Find the User you're looking for and click the pencil icon to open the settings for the user
  4. Either scroll down to or click on Call Forwarding Rules to go to the section needed

    If you scroll down you will need to expand the section out with the arrow on the right hand side

  5. Click the pencil icon  next to the setting "When user does not answer the call within X seconds"
  6. Change the When no answer for (seconds) to be longer than the Contact Center Timeout (can't be the same must be longer)
  7. Click Save.


If the Contact Center Interaction Offer Timeout is longer than 8x8 Work then the 8x8 Work answers the call with the 8x8 Work voicemail. This then causes the 8x8 Work call records, we find voicemail calls for the agent's extension coming from "Forwarded (Busy)".

One of the following may also be true:

  • Agent is not assigned to any Contact Center voicemail channels.
  • Agent does not have voicemail enabled in their agent profile.
  • Inbound queue the agent is assigned to do not have voicemail enabled.
  • Agent is not assigned to any outbound queues.
  • Agents Contact Center Interaction Offer Timeout is 30 seconds.
  • Agent is not part of any Ring Groups, or Call Queues in 8x8 Work.
  • Agent hangs up a VCC call using 8x8 Work.
  • The voicemails are from the Contact Center inbound phone channel number.
  • The 8x8 Work Call Forward time out is 35 seconds.

Additional Information

For instructions on checking the Contact Center Interaction Offer Timeout and the 8x8 Work Call Forwarding rules, see Calls Are Going To Voicemail Instead Of The Next Agent.

To confirm the call records, please create a case with 8x8 Technical Support

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