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Case Insert FAQ Shows Only HTML Format Tags


When you insert an FAQ in an email reply, the inserted text has HTML formatting tags.

"Test FAQ<br>Short Cut vccsup<br>Default Format Default Font and Size"


Applies To

  • 8x8 Contact Center 
  • Configuration Manager for Contact Center


In Configuration Manager for Contact Center, check the box "Display cases and follow-ups using HTML when available".

  1. Log in to Contact Center Configuration Manager.
  2. Select CRM > Properties tab.
  3. Check the box "Display cases and follow-ups using HTML when available".
  4. Click Apply.


Alternatively, Use Browse FAQ Search

  1. View a case in 8x8 Agent Workspace.
  2. Click Reply.
  3. Select the FAQ icon
  4. Click Browse, the FAQ Search dialog opens.
  5. In the search box, type in: vccsup
  6. Click Search, the "Test FAQ..." is found. Check the selection box for it.
  7. You will see "FAQ will be inserted as: full text" already selected.
  8. Click Insert, the FAQ is added to the email Description box. 
  9. The FAQ format is correct, with the line breaks.


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