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Company Directory In CRM Does Not Keep Options


CRM Company Directory in 8x8 Agent Workspace does not keep the Options display settings.


  1. Log into the 8x8 Agent Workspace.
  2. Click the Directory icon (looks like a frame with a person on it).
  3. Click Options > select options as desired, the data is displayed as selected.
  4. Click the table header Location, the data is sorted by Location.
  5. Log out, then Log in.
  6. Click Directory icon, directory list is displayed.
  7. The Directory is no longer as selected in step 3. and not sorted as set in step 4.

Applies To

  • 8x8 Agent Workspace
  • CRM Directory


Please create a case with 8x8 Technical Support.


This is working as designed. The CRM Directory options are only made to be kept during the current VCC Agent session.