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When is an agent's idle timer reset in 8x8 Contact Center?

Applies To

  • 8x8 Contact Center Agents
  • Idle Timer


In the default configuration, an agent's idle timer is reset each time the agent ends post processing on a system-delivered interaction such as:

  • Inbound Call via an Inbound Voice Queue
  • Inbound Voicemail Call via an Inbound Voicemail Queue
  • IVR Callback call via an Outbound Queue
  • Web Callback call via an Outbound Queue
  • Campaign call via an Outbound Queue
  • Inbound Chat via an Inbound Chat Queue
  • Inbound Email via an Inbound Email Queue

In the default configuration an agent's idle timer is not reset agent-initiated interactions such as:

  • Dialing Agent-to-Agent Calls
  • Dialing a manual outbound call (even if it makes the agent busy using an OPC Queue)
  • Making a Click-to-Dial outbound call
  • Agent-to-Agent Chat
  • Changing between logged in states: Available / Working Offline / On Break
  • Login or Logout

With the release of 8x8 Contact Center 9.8, administrators are able to change the behavior of the idle timer related to Login, Logout, and changing between logged in states.  Please see the Contact Center Configuration Manager Guide for more information.

Additional Information

When there are multiple agents available with the same queue and skill level assignment waiting to receive the next interaction, Contact Center will route the call to the agent who has been idle the longest.

For more information on idle timer reset, see our web help on the Ability to Reset Idle Timer for Agents.