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Contact Centre API Tokens


How to locate and generate Contact Center API Tokens in Configuration Manager for Contact Center

Applies To

  • Contact Center API Tokens
    • Username
    • Data Request Token
    • Action Request Token


View the token

  1. Login to Contact Center Configuration Manager for Contact Center
  2. Click Integration in the left hand menu
  3. Click the API Token tab

Configuration Manager Integration API Token.png

Generate a new token

  1. Generate a new token by clicking the New Token button if required
  • Clicking New Token will update the API token
  • There is no confirmation prompt
  • If you update the token all integrations using this API  token will  also need to be updated to match
  • There is not an undo option to this action

Additional Information

Basic authentication

Uses a request header where the credentials are a Base64 encoded string of the tenant name and token joined by a single colon, eg tenantname:token

Authorization: Basic <credentials>