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Dynamic Campaign API: Responses


What are the possible responses from the Dynamic Campaign API?

Applies To

  • Contact Center
  • Dynamic Campaign API


Status Message
200 "Campaign customer added."
200 "Campaign status changed."
200 "Customer deleted."
206 "The request was sent but the response timed out. Please check the result status later. Campaign status could be verified by: /api/stats/campaigns/campaign-id. Campaign records could be verified by: /api/stats/campaigns/campaign-id/interactions."
400 "Campaign is already stopped or completed. No operation is allowed."
400 "Campaign is not enabled."
400 "Duplicated customer."
400 "Invalid customer list provided."
400 "Invalid customer provided, customer is wrong or in DNC list."
400 "Invalid schedule-date format, please use ISO 8601."
400 "Invalid state transition provided."
400 "Invalid state transition."
400 "Maximum limit of scheduled customers has been reached. Please try call again later on."
400 "Not a dynamic campaign."
400 "Operation invalid on a non started campaign."
400 "Schedule date is in the past."
400 "Schedule date outside campaign schedule period."
400 "schedule-date-time must be within 7 days ahead in future period."
404 "Campaign not found."
404 "Customer not available for deletion because an agent has connected to the phone line."
404 "Customer not available for deletion because the record is deleted already."
404 "Customer not available for deletion because the record is marked as completed."
404 "Customer not available for deletion."
404 "Customer not found."
500 "Internal server error."

Additional Information

  • These can be within the body of a 207 Multi-Status (WebDAV) (RFC 4918) response
  • 401 Unauthorized

    • Check that the request URL is correct for your tenant's cluster.

    • Check that basic auth details are correct. These can be found under Configuration Manager for Contact Center > Integration > API Token.

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