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Increase Expiration Time for IVR Callbacks


This article provides a description of the highly anticipated change that was made to the IVR Callback expiration time.

Applies To

  • 8x8 Contact Center - Configuration Manager


Callback is a Contact Center feature that can be used to offer customers who are experiencing long wait times to be contacted back when an agent becomes available. 

Callback is an outbound queue of registered call requests by callers who called into the Contact Center or requested a callback via API.

Once a caller selects to be called back, they are placed in an outbound queue from where registered call requests are automatically assigned to agents to be handled.

These callbacks have an expiration time, so that the queue does not build up, the longest expiration time was 6 hours and is now expanded to 72 hours.

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The “Callback” script object has a property named - ‘Cancel callback after’ that can now be set to a maximum of 72 hours. The expiration time for callbacks is increased from 6 hours to 72 hours, to avoid customers missing out on being contacted because callbacks expired too early. The minimum callback time remains 120 seconds.

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