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Web Callbacks getting recorded despite recording being set to 0


Web callbacks are getting recorded despite the Automatic Call Recording at the agent level is set to 0% for outbound calls

Applies To

  • Callback Queues
  • Agents
  • Contact Center Recordings
  • Configuration Manager for Contact Center


The issue is cause due to the Automatic Call Recording for inbound queue calls being set to 100% for individual agents.

You will have to go in Configuration Manager for Contact Center → Users → John Doe → Phone → set inbound queue calls percentage to 0 → Save



Web callbacks are technically considered inbound queue interactions due to the system first calling the agent and then proceeding with calling the other line.

Additional Information

If call recordings for inbound calls are required, you can go to Configuration Manager for Contact Center → Queues → Inbound queue → Set call recording to 100% and recordings will still be kept despite the setting on the individuals agents (it overrides it)

That way, inbound calls will get recorded, and web callback will not be.

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