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How to Make a Verification Call from the Agent Console Profile


Making a verification call from the Agent Workspace Profile.

Applies To

  • 8x8 Contact Center
  • Agent Workspace


  1. Select Work Offline. Agent Workspace makes you unavailable for new interactions.
  2. Go to My Profile. Agent Workspace displays the profile configuration page.
  3. Enter your Workplace Phone or Workplace SIP URI under Settings > Connectivity.
    • Note: This number should be entered either with a leading "00" and country code (e.g., UK = 0044), or if this is not working, with a leading "+" and country code (e.g. ,UK = +44).
    • The 8x8 Work extension number of the end user can be entered also, if 8x8 Work is being used. Ensure that you enter the 8x8 Work extension number, not the 8x8 Contact Center extension.
  4. Click Call Phone to verify if the phone works. The end user will receive a test call on the endpoint.
    8x8 Agent Workspace Verification Call.png
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