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What is a Data Dip and how does it help users?


A user has a customized 8x8 Contact Center Inbound call script using a Data Dip to verify callers or route calls. What is a Data Dip?

Applies To

  • 8x8 Contact Center
  • Configuration Manager
  • Data Dip


The Data Dip configuration provides a method for users to have their callers enter information, such as an account number, in order to route calls to a particular queue.

  • Data is stored in a data source (database or flat file)
  • The 8x8 Contact Center phone script is customized to use an external IVR
  • The IVR prompts the caller to enter the account number
  • The IVR looks up the account number in the data source, then routes the call accordingly

This method can be used as a quick way to validate a caller. If the caller enters an account number that does not exist in the data source, the call can be disconnected or routed to a queue with agents skilled in validating the caller.

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