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Supervisor Workspace FAQ


This article is to answer frequently asked questions about the new Supervisor Workspace application.

Applies To

  • 8x8 Contact Center
  • Supervisor Workspace


Will any reports be available for download directly from this application? Or just screenshots of the widgets?

No, for now reports will still be available through Analytics, but some reporting capabilities will also start to be available in SW.

Will any additional search filter “criteria” be added in the future?

Yes, in the near future we will add Media type (for queues) and Agent status.

At what point is Busy Time/ Wrap Up Time calculated? From Start of Day? 24 hours?

Start of the day: 12:00:01am

Are the “Interactions Analytics” widget and the “Quality Evaluation” widget a part of CRM?

No, they are part of 8x8 application: Quality Management & Speech Analytics

What other widgets will become available? Will all current Dashboard widgets be included?

Not necessarily. We are gathering customer feedback to define which widgets to develop next and also allow partners to develop their own widgets.

What is the refresh rate on the data?
  • Agent Status (Monitor Agents) is real-time.
  • Metrics every 5 sec.
  • Changes to enabled/disabled agents, or queues assigned/unassigned 1 min.
Can you edit metrics within each widget?

Not yet, it will be possible to do so in the future, by customizing widgets.

How is the “Evaluation Score” calculated? Is this a part of CRM?

Average for the last 30 days evaluation scores, conducted using QM&SA templates to evaluate agents.

Which SLA is represented if you have more than one queue selected? Does it average out the SLA %’s? If so, how is this calculated?

This is the SLA% formula as it is described in the documentation: SLA % = Accepted in SLA / (Entered - Short Abandoned - (Ongoing Interactions < SLA Threshold Time)) * 100

The only SLA related parameter that is queue specific from this formula is the SLA Threshold Time, that is defined in VCC CM.

In order to correctly compute the SLA% metric as a total for multiple queues:

  • the metric components (like “Accepted in SLA”, “Entered”..) are computed for each queue while taking into account the specific SLA Threshold Time for each queue
  • the metric components of all queues are aggregated (summed in this case). For example we obtain the “Total Accepted in SLA” by summing all individual Accepted in SLA metric components
  • The SLA% formula is applied only once at the end on the aggregated metric components
If a Supervisor is not set up to enable/disable users in a queue, does this application give them the ability to do so?

All supervisors with queues/agent groups assigned are able to enable/disable agents, so SW does give them additional rights.

Where can I find more information on how to use Supervisor Workspace?

This Supervisor Workspace user guide has further information on how to use the application and what each of the widgets display.

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