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What information can I see in Real Time Agent Management?

Applies To

  • 8x8 Contact Centre
  • Real Time Agent Management


Real Time Agent Management allows you to check the following:

Current Statuses

Which status an agent is in under Current Status. You can also see which Status Code an agent chose, if applicable, and how long an agent has been in a status.Status_Info.png


Note: Status codes are only available if your Contact Centre subscribes to them. Learn how to configure status codes here.

Phone Lines in Use

Which phone lines an agent is currently using, and how long an agent has been using that line (Line 1, Line 2). You can identify a call on hold by this symbol: Hold_Symbol.png. Otherwise, calls show as active by this symbol: Live Call_Symbol.png. If an agent is not using the line, you will see n/a.
Phone Lines.png

Active Queues

The number of active queues, and which ones they are by clicking on the number. This pops up a box at the bottom of the screen to see which queues the agent is enabled for.
Active Queues.png

Last Logins

You can check the time of an agent's last login to Contact Center, their total time logged in during this session, and their total time spent on handling transactions.

Concurrent Chats

How many concurrent chats an agent is allowed to handle, and whether an agent is currently handling an active chat.

Additional Information

If you are not able to see a particular agent or agent group, check that your supervisor privileges are set up correctly.

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