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Wrap-up Codes are Missing for some Calls


In the Detailed Transactions Activity report why do some calls not have a wrap-up code? 

Applies To

  • Contact Center
  • Historic reports


Only completed Inbound calls to a phone queue will have wrap-up codes.

Other types of calls would not have wrap-up codes:

  • Abandoned calls.
  • Callbacks
  • Transferred calls.
  • Outbound calls.

Additional Information

For Transferred calls, the receiving agent's call would have a wrap-up code.  Example:

  1. Agent 1 receives a call.
  2. Agent 1 transfers the call to Agent 2.

In the report:

  • The call record for Agent 1 will not have a wrap-up code.
  • The call record for Agent 2 will have a wrap-up code.
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