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Data Discrepancy for Agents in 8x8 Analytics Report


When looking at the dashboards, why don't the agent activity Accepted numbers match the Accepted in the agent performance?

Applies To

  • 8x8 Analytics


Agent Performance widget is configured with a Queue Resource ("Inbound" queue) and will contain only the agent's activity in that specific queue.

For example, Accepted metric for an agent will count only interactions accepted by the agent in that particular queue.

Agent Activity widget will contain the overall activity made by the agents on all queues and outside a queue (direct inbound calls, direct outbound calls, consultations, etc.).

For example, Accepted metric for an agent will count all interactions accepted by the agent in all queues or outside a queue. In other words, the widget presents global metrics regarding the agent's activity.

Additional Information

Agent Performance widget can be configured as well to show the overall activity made by the agents by using the Agent Group Resource instead of the Queue Resource.

Real-time widgets (like Agent Performance) are updating much often than the historical widgets (like Agent Activity), every five seconds opposed to tens of minutes. So because of that the numbers on the two widgets may not be always the same. The historical widget may have a bit of delay in presenting the data.