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Quality Management Settings General

Learn how to manage all API Consumers and their settings and the new System Summary page from the guide given here.

API Consumers

You can manage all API Consumers and their settings in the application. All the API Consumers are displayed in the list, and you can select one to edit it. You can also create a new API Consumer.

  • Every consumer should have a unique identifier, password, and role.
  • Choose a unique name and a description for the API Consumer you create.
  • The role can be set up from the roles sections and allows the consumer to have specific permissions.

Copy an existing API Consumer and edit the desired information to create a new one with a similar structure. You can also delete API Consumers.

System Summary

The new System Summary page displays important information for the users to keep a record of the activities realized using the application.

  • See the exact number of calls recorded each day and the total number of interactions managed by the agents.
  • Average Call Duration information is displayed for the current and all days.
  • Find call-related-information for call playbacks.
  • Explore Evaluations.
    • Centralized data for the current day and for a total since the application has been in use. The user gets information about how many evaluations were completed, the passing average and the score average.
  • Measure uploaded and downloaded media content, video, and audio.
  • Check the number of logins.

Other System available system details include the Cluster and Tenant, Application version, the API, and the Terms and Conditions. You can also delete all Evaluations or even rebuild and get a new, clean version of the software with no old data attached.

Using the System Details section the user can use debug mode to decide whether to see in-progress calls in the Search page or not. Select the options and click Save. A confirmation message will display noting when the tenant system summary was successfully saved.

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