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URL Redirect and Missing Call Log With Click-To-Dial From the Salesforce Opportunity Tab


Salesforce users encounter URL redirect page and the call log does not appear when using click-to-dial on the Salesforce Opportunity tab.

When making call from SalesForce Opportunity page the screen pop opens with "URL no longer exists"

The URL in the screen pop is similar to this:


When making calls from SalesForce Account or Contact pages, the screen pop correctly opens the Task window.

Applies To

  • Individual System Sign-On Integration with Salesforce 
  • Salesforce Enhanced


Professional Services needs to create a custom XML to grant access to click-to-dial from the Opportunity tab. Your 8x8 Account Manager can provide a referral to Professional Services.


The default XML in the 8x8 Contact Center Salesforce integration does not authorize using click-to-dial from the Opportunity tab.

Additional Information

  • Making calls using control panel: You can make outbound calls from the control panel by entering the desired number in the Phone tab and clicking Dial. The 8x8 Contact Center app uses a two-step process to dial an outbound call:
  1. Your agent telephone rings first. Answer the call.
  2. The call is then directed to the destination. Your external phone number rings next.

    If the phone number is linked to a contact, the contact record pops after the call connects. A task page appears after the call is terminated with a call log attached to that page.