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Registering Poly Studio x50 or x70


Registering the Poly Studio x50 or x70 with 8x8. 


Currently, the Poly Studio is considered a 3rd party SIP device. It cannot be configured by the Admin Console. Support is offered "as is".

Applies To

  • Poly Studio x50
  • Poly Studio x70



Tested with a Poly Studio x50 with firmware 3.14.1-374010 and 8x8 X Series account.

  1. Log in to the Poly Studio navigate to the SIP registration section.
  2. Set the following settings:
    • Transport Protocol: UDP
    • BFCP transport preference: UDP Only
    • Sign-in Address: {GUN Provided by 8x8 support}
    • User Name: {GUN Provided by 8x8 support}
    • Password: {Password provided by 8x8 support}
    • Proxy Server:
    • Registrar Server Type: Standard SIP


If you get a registration failed, confirm you have entered in the proper SIP credentials and that the "" is included on the Sign-In Address.

Additional Information

For more details on obtaining SIP Credentials, see SIP Credentials.

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