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8x8 Generic Guide for Desk Phones - Dialpad Shortcuts


Use this quick reference guide to understand the dial pad shortcuts and key phone features supported by 8x8.

Applies To

  • Desk Phones


When placing calls or while on a call, you can use dial pad key shortcuts (also called star codes), on your desk phone or in 8x8 Work, to perform various actions. Some star codes require special permissions for a user to perform that action.

Star Code Function
*67 Block Caller ID: Dial before calling a number to block your Caller ID from the other party.
*69 Last Call Redial: Dial the last number you called or were called by
*78 Activate DND: Activate Do Not Disturb to send incoming calls to voicemail
*79 Deactivate DND: Deactivate Do Not Disturb to receive incoming calls
*80 Toggle DND: Toggle your Do Not Disturb status
*88 Flip Call: To switch an active call from one device to another on the same extension, dial from the device you want to use.
*5 (BMW) Barge: If you are Monitoring a call, Barge in to speak with and be heard by both parties on the call.
*6 (BMW) Mute: If you have Barged in on a call or are Whispering to an agent, you can Mute yourself.
*9 (BMW) Whisper: If you are Monitoring an agent, you can Whisper to them without being heard by the party speaking with the agent.
*22 (BMW) Monitor: Listen in on a live call without interrupting either party.
*23 (BMW) Barge Direct: Barge in on a call without Monitoring or Whispering first.
*0 Record Call (Applicable when call recording is enabled which may require an elevated license.)
*66 Use with BLF extension to pick up call (*66 plus internal extension)
*64 Intercom (*64 plus internal extension)
*15 Transfer to voicemail (Start new call (hold old call); dial the extension of the voicemail box, and press # to transfer to the extension’s voicemail)
*38 Call Park (Hold the call, then dial *38 to park the call on Park extension 461 to 469)
*43 (HotDesk)

Log into a Hot Desk host: *43 + extension number + voicemail password

Log out of a Hot Desk host: *43 + extension number + voicemail password

Log out of a Hot Desk host remotely: Log into a 8x8 Work client. Dial *43.

Additional Information

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