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How to Configure a Poly RealPresence Trio 8800 to a Wi-Fi Network


Configure a Poly RealPresence Trio 8800 on a Wi-Fi network.

Applies To

  • Poly RealPresence Trio 8800


Enabling Wi-Fi automatically disables the Ethernet port. You cannot use Wi-Fi and Ethernet simultaneously to connect Poly Trio 8800 system to your network. When you connect to your network over Wi-Fi, only audio-only calls are available.

Enable Wi-Fi on the Poly Trio 8800 System

  1. Go to SettingsAdvanced.
  2. Enter the MAC Password. (If not yet provisioned use the default password 456. If the phone has been provisioned, use the MAC password.)
  3. Go to Administration SettingsNetwork Configuration > Network Interfaces > Wi-Fi Menu, and turn Wi-Fi On. The phone restarts.
  4. When the phone completes restart, go to SettingsAdvanced.
  5. Enter the MAC Password.
  6. Go to Administration Settings > Network ConfigurationNetwork Interfaces > Wi-Fi Menu to view available networks.
  7. Select a network you want to connect to and press Connect.

Configuring Wi-Fi

The parameters you configure depend on the security mode of your organization and whether or not you enable DHCP. Poly Trio 8800 system is shipped with a security-restrictive worldwide safe Wi-Fi country code setting.

The Poly Trio system supports the following Wi-Fi security modes:

  • WEP
  • WPA2 PSK
  • WPA2 Enterprise

The Poly Trio 8800 system supports the following wireless modes:

  • 2.4 GHz / 5 GHz operation
  • IEEE 802.11a/b/g/n radio transmission standard

Additional Information

How do I get device information and passwords?

For any additional information see Poly documentation here.

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