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Register, Unregister, or Reset a Poly DECT D230 handset


Register, unregister, or reset a handset of Poly DECT D230 phone.

Applies To

  • Poly DECT D230 phones


Register the Wireless Handset

  1. Press and hold the FIND button on the base station for 5 or more seconds until the light flashes.
    D230 base.jpg
  2. On the handset, go to Menu > Settings Registration.
  3. Select Register. (When the handset finds the base station, it asks you to register to it.).
  4. Select Yes. (When the registration is successful, a message indicates successful registration).

D230 Register.gif

Unregister the Wireless Handset

  1. On the handset, go to Menu > Settings Registration.
  2. Select Deregister.
  3. Select Yes.

Reset the Wireless Handset to Factory Defaults


Resetting to factory defaults will reset all settings to defaults, delete all contacts and call records, and unregister the handset from the base station. Only do this when necessary.

  1. On the handset, go to Menu > Settings Factory Reset.
  2. Press OK to confirm.
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