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Registering Poly Studio x50 or x70

For more details on obtaining SIP Credentials, see SIP Credentials.


Registering the Poly Studio x50 or x70 with 8x8. 


Currently, the Poly Studio is considered a 3rd party SIP device. It cannot be configured by the Admin Console. Support is offered "as is".

Applies To

  • Poly Studio x50
  • Poly Studio x70



Tested with a Poly Studio x50 with firmware 3.14.1-374010 and 8x8 X-Series account.

Log in to the Poly Studio navigate to the SIP registration section


Set the following settings

  • Transport Protocol: UDP
  • BFCP transport preference: UDP Only
  • Sign-in Address: {GUN Provided by 8x8 support}
  • User Name: {GUN Provided by 8x8 support}
  • Password: {Password provided by 8x8 support}
  • Proxy Server:
  • Registrar Server Type: Standard SIP


If you get a registration failed, confirm you have entered in the proper SIP credentials and that the "" is included on the Sign-In Address.

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