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Clear upgrade server on Polycom desk phone


The firmware on Polycom desk phone will not upgrade after 8x8 representative tried to push a new firmware.

Applies To

  • Polycom desk phones 


  1. Log on the web GUI of the phone which didn't upgrade the firmware after 8x8 representative confirmed the upgrade has been completed. 
  2. Navigate to  Utilities > Software upgrade > Confirm if Clear Upgrade Server option is available to click.

  3. If the option is available, select it and when the confirmation pop up appears, click continue. 
  4. The phone should reboot after this and pick up the latest firmware. 


If the device will not upgrade after 8x8 representative performed the planned upgrade on his side, this suggest that the phone has been upgraded in the past via the web GUI and will not accept the commands pushed by 8x8. When clear upgrade server  is selected, it will remove the set firmware and will allow the phone to pick available firmware from our provisioning server. 

If the phones haven't had the firmware manually upgraded from the web GUI then the clear upgrade server option will be grayed out. 

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