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Why does the Polycom phone show a wrong extension number?


Polycom phone showing the wrong extension name and number on the screen following a name change on Account Manager or Admin Console.

Applies To

  • All Polycom models
  • Extensions
  • Account Manager
  • Admin Console


Restart the Phone

  1. Unplug the phone from the power/ethernet cable.
  2. Wait 30 seconds then plug the phone back in.

This should update the phone's config from 8x8.

Update the Configuration of the Phone

  1. Press the Home (house) button. 
  2. Go to Settings.
  3. Go to Basic.
  4. Select Update Configuration.

You may need to restart the phone after this if the configuration does not automatically change. 

After these two steps if the phone is still showing the incorrect extension details then you will need to factory reset and re-provision the phone. See links below to assist with this.

Additional Information

Factory reset and provision a phone through the web GUI interface which is recommended if possible. 

If for whatever reason you cannot do this then you will need to factory reset and re-provision the phone manually on the device.

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