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Fuze Mobile Profile Options


What can I do from the Fuze Mobile user profile screen?

Applies To

  • Fuze Mobile


The Profile screen includes information about a contact, such as phone numbers, email addresses, location, etc., as well as features that allow you to easily call, message, start meetings, and share notes.

Fuze Mobile Profile Options1.png

At this time you can only access meeting recordings via the profile screen in Fuze Desktop. See the Profile article for Fuze Desktop for details about accessing meeting recordings.

View Someone’s Profile

Open a conversation with the person by tapping a conversation in your Recent list, or by searching for the person.

Tap their name at the top of the screen. The profile screen appears.

Actions Available in the Profile Screen

You can perform the following actions via the Profile screen:

Fuze Mobile Profile Options2.png

Calls the number next to which it appears, or, if no number is adjacent, the primary number for the contact.

Fuze Mobile Profile Options3.png

Email the person using your default email application. 

Fuze Mobile Profile Options4.png

Start and join a meeting with the other person.

When starting a meeting with a person using this feature, the meeting invite is automatically sent via chat message in your conversation with that person. 

Fuze Mobile Profile Options5.png

Copy a link to a meeting between you and the other person. You can send the link to the contact via message or email.

Fuze Mobile Profile Options6.png

Open Google Maps to view the location of the address that is saved for the contact.

Fuze Mobile Profile Options7.png

View and edit a shared note between you and the other person.

Tip: If you start a meeting with the person, you can both collaborate on your shared note simultaneously. 

Fuze Mobile Profile Options8.png

 Go back to the previous screen.

Fuze Mobile Profile Options9.png

Start or open a chat conversation.

If you are looking to change your Fuze username or profile-related account information, we recommend contacting your IT Administrator for assistance.

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