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Fuze Connect for Zoho CRM User Guide


Fuze Connect is a desktop application which automatically looks up Zoho CRM data during a call, to give you the information you need about the caller at a glance.

Getting Started

Fuze Connect is offered as a desktop application. To install Fuze Connect on your computer, you can download the executable from Fuze servers.

  1. Open your web browser and navigate to the Fuze Connect download link:
    • Your browser should automatically download the Mac or Windows installer that is specific to your platform.
  2. Open the downloaded Fuze Connect installer, and follow the installation instructions.
    Fuze Connect Zoho User Guide1.png

Initial Setup

Perform the following actions to set up Fuze Connect with Zoho CRM:

  1. Once the installation is complete, you may start Fuze Connect.
  2. On the first run, you will need to log in to your Fuze account.
  3. From the login screen, enter your Fuze Username and click Next.
    Fuze Connect Zoho User Guide2.png
  4. Depending on your account settings, you will either be prompted for your Fuze Password, or redirected to your authentication provider to complete your login.

Authorizing Zoho CRM

Once you log in with your Fuze account, additional authentication will be required to complete the connection between Fuze and Zoho CRM.

If you receive the following message, you must authorize your connected Zoho CRM integration before you can use Fuze Connect.

Fuze Connect Zoho User Guide3.png

  1. Click Continue to be redirected to your Zoho CRM.
    Fuze Connect Zoho User Guide4.png
  2. If necessary, log in to your Zoho CRM. In some cases, a screen may appear prompting for authorization for Fuze Connect to be able to access Zoho CRM. Click Accept to proceed.
    Fuze Connect Zoho User Guide5.png

After the Oauth2 process is finished, a Fuze Connect landing page will appear on the browser.

Once Fuze Connect has been authorized with your Zoho CRM instance, you can begin using Fuze Connect right away.

Idle Screen

When you are not on a call, Fuze Connect will display the following idle screen.

Fuze Connect Zoho User Guide6.png

The idle screen shows the connection status of Fuze Connect. Below the status text and image is the call history, which shows all calls made or received while Fuze Connect was open and active.

  • A left arrow indicates an inbound call.
  • A right arrow indicates an outbound call.

Clicking a record in the call history will dial that contact at the number shown.

Calls initiated in this way will be made using your preferred click to call device, as configured in the Fuze Customer Portal.

Inbound / Outbound Calls

On an incoming or outgoing call, the connector will present relevant information by performing a lookup in your connected Zoho CRM environment based on the caller’s phone number and Caller ID.

Once the lookup is complete, a table will be displayed showing relevant data.

Fuze Connect will attempt to match the phone number to any accounts in the connected Zoho CRM environment.

Contacts/leads/accounts will be searched matching the phone number, and if found, it will be displayed in the primary area. When there is a contact match, the integration will display related opportunities.

Fuze Connect Zoho User Guide7.png

On-Call Actions

The following actions can be performed on the associated data in Fuze Connect while on a call:

  • Click the caller's name to open that contact in your connected Zoho CRM.
  • Click the opportunity listing to automatically open that record in your connected Zoho CRM.
  • Clicking the New Opportunity link creates a new opportunity in Zoho CRM and displays it in the browser.

Call Notes and Wrap-Up

When the call ends, a Notes window will be opened. It will allow the user to add call notes related to the contact/lead/account of the call, and select a wrap-up code. If an opportunity or a new opportunity link is clicked, then the phone call entry is also associated with that opportunity.

Call notes will also include a link to the associated call recording link.

Call recordings are stored on the Fuze platform for a defined amount of time, which is currently 60 days. If a user clicks on a call link for a call that is older than this defined time, they will receive an error or notification that the link is expired.

Fuze Connect Zoho User Guide8.png

Click here to download a PDF version of this user guide.

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