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What does Fuze integrate with?


What apps or systems can I integrate with Fuze?

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Fuze integrations enable you to extend and seamlessly integrate Fuze call and meeting features to apps and programs you use every day.

You can perform actions like making calls using Fuze, add a Fuze meeting to a calendar invite, view details about contacts, log calls, and link to support tickets directly in your applications such as Salesforce and other CRM tools.

Expand a section below to view details about available Fuze integrations.

Fuze for Chrome, Firefox, and Edge

Our browser extensions are great for any Fuze user and include Click-to-Call and dial pad features to make in-browser calling easy. Additionally, the integrations offer the ability to add Fuze meetings to Google Calendar with the click of a button when you create a meeting in Google Calendar.

Fuze for Office 365

A seamless integration for the cloud, the Office 365 add-in enables you to call from the Outlook ribbon using Fuze, and to use Click-to-Call features anywhere phone numbers appear in Outlook. You can also start ad-hoc Fuze meetings from the Outlook ribbon, and add Fuze meetings to your Outlook calendar invites with the click of a button.

Fuze Click-to-Call for Outlook

When you search for contacts in Outlook, you can easily call Outlook contacts you search for from the shortcut (right-click) menu, or from the Fuze menu in the Outlook ribbon.

Fuze Meeting Scheduler for Outlook

Great for organizations that pair on-premise exchange servers with Windows-only implementations of Outlook, the Fuze Meeting Scheduler is an integration for adding Fuze meetings to Outlook calendar invites, or starting meetings from the Outlook ribbon with the click of a button.

Fuze for Salesforce

Fuze for Salesforce helps your sales and support teams work more efficiently by providing features like contact search, click-to-call, call logging, and support case linking, all within the Salesforce interface.

Fuze for Microsoft Teams

Fuze for Microsoft Teams allows users to leverage the power of both Fuze Voice and Meetings to call or meet from their Microsoft ecosystem. Many Fuze customers depend on Microsoft products for specific flows and scenarios. Our integration with Microsoft Teams gives users the flexibility to use the best solution for a specific scenario, and seamlessly shift between the two platforms.

Fuze Connect

Fuze Connect enables you to connect the Fuze voice platform to your organization’s existing line of business applications, such as CRM for your sales team and service desk applications for your customer support team.

Fuze for Slack

Fuze for Slack allows teams to leverage the power of Fuze meetings to meet directly within Slack. Our integration with Slack bridges digital gaps to embrace a cohesive user experience, ushering in the next wave of integrated and agile workforce tools. This means less time scheduling meetings and more time solving real challenges.

Zapier Integration

Zapier allows you to instantly connect Fuze with over 2,000 applications. Automated workflows called Zaps, which can be set up in minutes without the use of code, make it easier to create integrations and build workflows between applications.

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