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Fuze and Slack Integration


How do I get started with the Fuze Slack integration?

Applies To

  • Fuze Apps
  • Integrations
  • Slack


Fuze Slack Integration1.png

Fuze Slack Integration2.png

Fuze for Slack allows teams to leverage the power of Fuze meetings to meet directly within Slack. Our integration with Slack bridges digital gaps to embrace a cohesive user experience, ushering in the next wave of integrated and agile workforce tools. This means less time scheduling meetings and more time solving real challenges.

Getting Started

With this integration, users can easily shift between the two platforms by using Slack commands and one-click simplicity. Users can escalate from a Slack direct message (public or private channel) to a Fuze video meeting, including full screen sharing capabilities.

Fuze Slack Integration3.png

Configuring Fuze Calling in Slack

Follow the steps below to make Fuze the default calling option for Slack:

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