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Emergency Services Overview


What are the limitations of Emergency Services within Fuze?

Applies To

  • Fuze Desktop
  • Fuze Web
  • Emergency Services


The safety of everyone at your organization is as important to us as it is to you. Our approach to contacting emergency services using Fuze Desktop and Fuze Web is as follows. 

Looking for admin-related information on managing your emergency contacts? Refer Fuze Hub: Location Creation (US/Canada ONLY) in Fuze Community (login required).

Fuze Desktop and Fuze Web

Fuze Desktop and Fuze Web register and provide location details automatically to the emergency responders in countries and global regions where it is possible. Location details are derived from the Fuze user profile that makes the emergency call.

For emergency calls, we strongly advise the use of a non-Fuze calling method, such as a cell phone, desk phone, or home phone instead of Fuze Desktop or Fuze Web. This prevents scenarios where the caller is not present at the Fuze user profile address at the time of the call.

After you sign in to Fuze, you must agree to the Emergency Services warning message that informs you that you must provide location and callback information to emergency responders in case of an emergency.

Fuze Emergency Services Agreement.png

Fuze Mobile

You cannot make emergency calls with Fuze Mobile. If a call is placed to a recognized emergency number (e.g., 911) with Fuze Mobile, the app automatically attempts to switch to the mobile device’s native dialer to make the call using the carrier network. This depends on the carrier’s terms and network availability at the time of the call.

To make sure that you are aware that you cannot make emergency calls with Fuze Mobile, you must agree to the No Emergency Calls warning message after signing into the app.

Fuze Mobile No Emergency Calls.png

Emergency Call Notifications - IT Administrators

When an emergency call is placed, the administrator for that location receives an email notification containing the details about the call, including which extension placed the call and the time the call was placed. 

In the United States, Fuze includes specific floor or zone information in email notifications based on IP ranges that you provide if your state requires that information for e911 calls (for more information on e911 calls, read VoIP and 911 Service). Please contact your Fuze representative to configure or enable this feature.

Email Example:

From: <>
Sent: Monday, November 26, 2018 9:48 AM
To: HQ 911 <>
Subject: EMERGENCY Notification
Importance: High

An emergency call was placed from the following

PBX: acmepbx
User ID:

Device Caller ID: 8598675309
Device Caller ID Name: User 222
Device Directory Entry: USER 222

Caller ID Sent: 8595552222
Location Code: acmehq
Device IP:
Time of call (EST): Mon Nov 26 09:47:31 2018 Time of call (GMT): Mon Nov 26 14:47:31 2018

-Fuze notifications

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