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Virtual Contact Center Recording Control API
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Virtual Contact Center Recording Control API


The 8x8 Recording Control API is an HTTP API that allows tenant to pause and resume the audio feed to your call recording.  The typical usage of this API is for CRM triggers to control when to pause and resume call recording during a transaction. Since the API only pauses the audio feed to your recording, there will be silence in the portion of the recording where the pause was initiated.

This document describes the supported parameters for running Recording Control API. Example use cases are provided for reference.

The API request is authenticated using client cookie along with tenant API action token. Only agent with valid AGUI session and valid tenant API action token will be able to run the API. The API can only be successfully run on the browser window that shares the session as the agent UI.

For security reasons, the Recording Control API only accepts request using HTTPS, so that request headers and response data are encrypted.

Testing Using A Browser

The Recording Control API makes it easy to submit a query, for experimentation, testing or debugging purposes. From a web browser, simply enter the URL. You will be prompted to close the window. In the meantime, the corresponding request will be sent. For example:

Will pause the recording of the active line for agent sharing the same session with agent login on the browser.

Revise your query URL based on the login URL of your Tenant. (Refer to the Platform URL Guide to retrieve your login URL)

Query Parameters

GET/POST Parameters

The following parameters are allowed GET or POST parameters passing along with the Control Recording URL. All the parameter data should be URL encoded.

Parameter Name Description Accepted Value
action Control action Pause or Resume
token Authentication token Valid action token generated by Configuration Manager for the tenant
  1. Example 1: The following request pauses the current recording:
  2. Example 2: The following request resumes the current recording:

Response Codes

200 OK Request was successful. Attempt to close browser window for successful request.
400 Bad request The action type is not known from the request.
401 Unauthorized The request was not allowed, usually due to incorrect authentication or invalid AGUI session.
500 Server Error Internal server error to prevent the request to be completed.


  • There is no return error for any failure of pausing/resuming recordings.
  • There is no support of start of recording from this API. For the transaction that recording has not been started, pause and resume requests will be ignored.
  • The request applies on the active transaction the corresponding agent is currently with.


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