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Agent interactions not recorded with Screen Capture
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Agent interactions not recorded with Screen Capture


QM agent interactions (calls) are not recorded with agent screen capture.

Applies To

Quality Management, Screen Recorder


A screen recorder profile needs to be set up.

  1. Select SETTINGS from the QM option panel on the left.
  2. Under the SERVICE branch, select Screen Recorder Profiles.
  3. The following need to be set up:
    • Profile name
    • Resolution
    • Toolbar
    • Manual control
    • Recording percentage

After the profile has been successfully set up, it needs to be attached to one or multiple groups, depending on the need.

Please be aware that prior to this, the agent needs to install the 8x8 Screen Recorder application on their computer.


A screen recorder profile has not been assigned to the relevant group(s), or it hasn't been set up at all.

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