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Utilize Customer Experience Tool
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Utilize Customer Experience Tool


How to utilize and benefit from the Customer Experience tool.

Applies To

VCC tenants, supervisors and agents that have Customer Experience enabled 


In Customer Experience, agents can filter and view their recent calls. It provides a detailed map of the call journey from the time the call enters the contact center until the time the call is terminated. It also answers questions such as who answered the call, how long the call remained in the queue, whether the call was transferred, how long the call was on hold, caller's phone number and name, and much more.


Use the steps below to access the Customer Experience tool:

  1. Log into VCC Agent Console with Supervisor credentials
  2. Click any where on the squares  clipboard_eb65c74c5404df6f36e48bcf2e04c9ab5.png  next to Menu in the VCC Agent Console
  3. Select Customer Experience and filter by information such as the transaction ID (recommended), date(s), time, Agent's name, caller ID, etc. 
  4. Please see the VCC Customer Experience Supervisor Guide for additional call filter options. 

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