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Voice for Teams: Sync Error: Authenticated user is not an administrator


When attempting to perform a full 8x8 PBX / Teams sync, or only a PBX sync, a warning Sync Now button is displayed.


When reviewing the sync logs under Sync Now > Show Sync History, the 8x8 PBX sync also displays a Failed status, and the Output log shows the following error:

  • Error: Authenticated user is not an administrator

This issue can occur even when the user performing the PBX sync has appropriate admin access levels in 8x8 Admin Console.


Applies To

  • 8x8 Voice for Microsoft Teams
  • Microsoft Teams
  • Voice for Microsoft Teams Admin Portal


There are two likely causes for this issue:

  1. The user performing the sync does not have sufficient admin rights to perform the 8x8 PBX sync in the 8x8 Voice for Teams admin portal.
  2. The user has previously logged into another 8x8 service using credentials that do not have sufficient admin rights to perform the 8x8 PBX sync. In this case the cached credentials are probably being used to attempt the PBX sync.

This issue is similar to the one documented in this article:


  1. Elevate the user's admin rights in 8x8 Admin Console to a minimum of IT Admin level.
    • Supported Admin Console Role levels for portal PBX sync are:
      • Super Admin
      • Company Admin
      • IT Admin
Important-Icon.png Important: It can take up to an hour for new role assignment changes in 8x8 Admin Console to be fully implemented.


  1. If you are not prompted for credentials during a sync, and you have proper admin rights assigned in 8x8 Admin Console, then incorrect previously-cached credentials are probably being applied.

In this case, you must:

  • Either clear your web browser cache/cookies, restart the browser, and attempt the sync again with the correct credentials.
  • Or open a private browser session such as Google Chrome Incognito, log into the Voice for Teams admin portal, and perform your sync.
    • The Chrome extension Incognito Mode Reset Button can be useful for clearing Incognito session cookies and cache (use at your own risk).
  • Using a different web browser is also a possible option. Just be aware that you could run into the same issue if you've previously used 8x8 or Microsoft credentials in that browser.