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Add a Custom Logo to 8x8 Work Meetings


Customize your meeting space in 8x8 Meet with a custom logo, background color, and background image for all meetings. 

Applies To

  • 8x8 Work for Desktop
  • Admin Users


  1. Log in to the Application Panel.
  2. Select Meetings.
  3. Select Branding.
  4. Use Add your company logo or Link the logo to company website to add a logo. A file of 280 x 700px png of up to 1mb is supported.
  5. Underneath Customize the meetings UI background, use the following fields:
    • Fill color: Select a color or enter an HTML Color Code.
    • Background image: a 1280 x 800px png that is up to 1mb is supported. 
  6. Changes are saved automatically and can be previewed using the UI preview on the right.
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