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Create 8x8 Meet Breakout Rooms


Create and assign participants to breakout rooms while in a meeting managed by meeting moderators

Applies To

  • 8x8 Work for Desktop
  • 8x8 Work Mobile v10.14 or above
  • 8x8 Meet

Create Breakout Rooms

  1. As a moderator in a meeting, click the participants icon to bring up the participants panel Untitled1.png
  2. Click Add Breakout Room


3. Each Breakout room you add will now display in the participants panel

Breakoutroom list edit.png

Add participants to a breakout room

When breakout rooms are created by the moderator, participants can join a room, or the moderator can assign a participant into a room

  1. As a moderator, you can assign participants to a room from the participants' settings then selecting the breakout room

Add participant to room edit.png

2. As you add Participants to a Breakout Room, they will appear under the room list

Breakoutroom list edit 2.png

Close Breakout Rooms

The moderator has the option to close Breakout rooms. When a room is closed, all participants will return to the main meeting room.

1. Click the Breakout Room Settings

close room edit.png

2. Close the Breakout room. 

Close Breakout Room CLOSE BUTTON EDIT.png

Additional Information

Further information can be found in the Breakout Rooms FAQ

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