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Nomadic 911: Location Manager URL Update


The Location Manager app installed on user Desktops for the Nomadic 911 feature includes configuration that controls how the app connects to the Emergency Routing Service (ERS) platform.

This configuration needs to be updated by the end of September 2023 because the URLs for those connections are changing.

Applies To

  • Nomadic 911
  • Location Manager

Questions and Answers

What is happening?

The URL connecting Location Manager to the Emergency Routing Service (ERS) is changing:

  • Current URL:
  • New URL:


What is the timeframe for this change?

Please ensure all updates are made by September 30 2023.

The retiring connection URLs in Location Manager version 1.7.1 will stop working soon afterwards.

Will the functionality or behavior of the app change?

No change to Location Manager behavior or functionality will be made.

How is the update rolled out?

The change must be rolled out to your desktop estate by you—8x8 cannot perform this change remotely.

This can be done in two ways:

  • Existing installations: We recommend running a patch script (Windows or MacOS) on the machines that have Location Manager installed. (See below)
  • New installations: We recommend using the 1.7.1b installation package.

Where can I download the patch scripts?

The patch scripts below must be run with administrator privileges.

Where can I download the latest version of Location Manager?

The latest version 1.7.1b is available here. It is functionally identical to 1.7.1 with the only difference being the connection URLs.


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