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Multi-Factor Authentication for Admins FAQ


This article is to answer frequently asked questions about the mandatory, upcoming change to enable Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) for Admins.

Applies To

  • X Series
  • Admin Console


Why is this change being made?

As part of our ongoing efforts to enhance account security, we are implementing Multi-Factor Authentication to keep accounts up to date with the latest global security standards.

Can I opt out of this change?

MFA will be mandatory for all admins.

When will this change take place?

The change will take place starting July 11, 2023. We will gradually roll out this enhancement in phases until all admin accounts have MFA enabled.

What will happen after July 11, 2023?

Once the change has been enabled, all admins will be prompted to set up their preferred authentication method when they next log into This change will be automatic and no action is required from customers. This is a gradual rollout, so not all admins will be updated at the same time.

Can I enable this only for admins, now?

There is no option to enable this just for admins. During the rollout phase, MFA will be automatically enabled for admins. It is possible to enable this feature now for all users, both admin and non-admin, prior to the change by following this configuration guide.

Can I enable this for individual non-admin users?

MFA can only be enabled for all users, there is no option to enable this for individual users.

What classifies a user as an admin?

The roles in Admin Console that will define the user as admin and set it as such in multiple systems are:

  • Super Admin (default)
  • Company Admin (default)
  • IT Admin (default)
  • Group Admin (default)
  • All custom roles related to the Admin Console application.

The roles My8x8 Admin (default) and VCC Admin (default) will not require the user to have Multi-Factor Authentication.

If we already use third party authentication, will this affect us?

These changes will only impact customer admins who currently utilize 8x8 Authentication to access their 8x8 services. Users who log in using third-party identity providers, such as Microsoft Azure and Okta, will not be affected.

If an admin is logging in with 8x8 credentials, they will be prompted for MFA. If the admin selects "Login with Organization," they will be redirected to their third-party identity provider login page and should not be prompted for 8x8 MFA. However, depending on your organization's login policies, the third-party identity provider login page may ask for MFA.

Can I use the same phone number and email address for multiple users?

It is possible to have the same phone number and email address configured to multiple different logins to receive Multi-Factor Authentication codes.

What should I do if I have any issues or further questions?

You can reach out to our Customer Support teams to assist you with any technical problems or questions that you may have. You can contact them through a variety of different methods which are outlined in this Technical Support guide.


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