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SMS Campaign Registration and Impact


Critical changes are taking place regarding 8x8's SMS/MMS messaging service via Work for Desktop and Work for Mobile applications in the US and Canada.

US wireless service providers now require that all SMS/MMS messages that 1) originate from a business and 2) terminate to the US wireless service providers’ subscribers must be managed as application-to-person (A2P) messages. The stated reason for this change by the US wireless service providers is to control unwanted messages.



  • If you currently use or will use any 8x8 service to send SMS messages in any amount (even just one message), regardless of the purpose, you must register an "SMS Campaign" with 8x8.
  • If your business is not registered with The Campaign Registry, unregistered SMS/MMS will no longer be supported after March 31, 2023. Please see below for further details about registration.

Instant Messaging (IM) vs SMS:

8x8 Work has a built-in instant messaging (IM) feature designed to allow users of 8x8 Work on the same 8x8 service to chat directly with each other.

Even though this IM feature uses the same Messages interface as SMS messages do in 8x8 Work, IM is not SMS. If you only use IM internal to your company, and do not send SMS messages to mobile phone subscribers, SMS campaign registration is not required in your case.

Applies To

  • 8x8 Work
  • SMS / MMS Messaging
  • US & Canada
  • The Campaign Registry

Questions and Answers

What does this mean?

This change by US wireless service providers means that we need to register our customers' Brand and Campaigns with The Campaign Registry, and then associate their SMS/MMS-enabled phone numbers with those campaigns. If there is no SMS campaign registered, all new customers, and pre-February 15, 2023 customers who either did not have users already enabled for SMS, or who changed their users' DID or license, will need to register before they can enable or re-enable SMS at the user level. This means that until the campaign is fully registered and accepted SMS cannot be enabled for your users.

What is a campaign?

A campaign is basically a collection of information used to identify customer use case and CTIA guideline compliance for wireless service provider evaluation. A campaign requires details such as SMS/MMS message examples and business phone numbers.

The Cellular Telecommunications Industry Association (CTIA) is a trade organization for US-based wireless service providers that creates guidelines for the SMS ecosystem.

For more information, see CTIA Messaging Principles & Best Practices.

Why do I need to register my business numbers with campaigns?

By registering, you validate your company to the United States messaging ecosystem, which will: 

  • Ensure your messages get delivered to your users and customers.
  • Avoid potential disruption to your business operations with messages being blocked by US carriers.
  • Avoid any potential carrier-imposed fines that 8x8 might have to pass to you due to your unregistered usage.
Important-Icon.png IMPORTANT: Starting Mar 31, 2023 carriers will no longer support unregistered SMS/MMS traffic.

Is there a cost involved with registration?

Yes, there is both a one-time registration fee and monthly campaign maintenance fees. 8x8 customers will be responsible for the one-time registration fee of $89 USD (or CA$121) plus applicable taxes at the time of registering their SMS campaigns. There is a monthly maintenance fee that will be absorbed by 8x8, and will not appear on your bill.

The $89 USD fee will show up as a billing adjustment in your next bill.


How do I complete the SMS registration process?

As of February 15, 2023, administrators have the capability to complete SMS Campaign Registration using a fully automated self-service web form in 8x8 Admin Console.

You must first register a campaign. Once that campaign is fully verified, you must then enable SMS for your users and assign them to the campaign.

Follow these instructions in this order, located in the following Knowledge Base articles:

  1. SMS Campaign Registration: Admin Console Configuration
  2. SMS Campaign Registration: How to assign an SMS Campaign to a phone number

See the following articles for further guidance with completing your registration form, as well as information concerning the content of your SMS messages permitted by the US wireless service carriers:

Important-Icon.png IMPORTANT: The assignment of your campaign to user phone numbers is a critical, required step. You must complete this process to make SMS work for your users.

Can I opt out of the registration process?

Customers cannot opt out of SMS Campaign registration. Unregistered phone numbers will no longer receive SMS technical support after March 31, 2023, and could be blocked at any time by US wireless carriers.

In order to make sure that your users can continue to send SMS:

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