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SMS Campaign Registration Deactivation FAQ


This article provides information regarding the process for deactivating unwanted 8x8 SMS Campaigns.

Applies To

  • SMS Campaign Registration
  • Deactivating Campaigns
  • 8x8 Work

Questions & Answers

Why would I want to deactivate my SMS campaign?

You would only need to deactivate your currently-registered and active SMS campaign if you no longer need or want your users to have the ability to send or receive SMS/MMS messages from 8x8 Work apps.

What will happen if I deactivate my SMS campaign?

Deactivating your SMS campaign will result in ALL of your 8x8 Work users losing their ability to send or receive SMS or MMS messages.

Is deactivating my campaign the same as deactivating a user's SMS?


You can deactivate SMS ability for one or more specific 8x8 Work users without deactivating your entire SMS campaign.

When you deactivate your SMS campaign, you are effectively deleting your verified campaign registration data and disabling SMS for ALL 8x8 Work users.

How do I deactivate my SMS Campaign?

Please see the SMS Campaign Deactivation process, here.

Will I receive a refund of registration fees if I deactivate my campaign?

Campaign registration fees are collected by The Campaign Registry and are not refundable. Please see here for details.

If I deactivate my SMS campaign, will my info remain in the registration form?

When your SMS campaign is deactivated, the information in the SMS > Your Campaign area will be deleted.

Note that the information in SMS > Your Brand will remain in place. Customers who wish to remove this information as well will be able to do so, themselves, in the first half of 2024.

Can I re-register my campaign again if I need SMS in the future?

Yes, you can re-register your SMS campaign at any time.

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