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Calls Going to the Wrong Voicemail Queue
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Calls Going to the Wrong Voicemail Queue



You have an inbound phone script to route calls to Queue-A with Overload routing calls to VoiceMailQueue-A but the calls are going to VoiceMailQueue-B.

Applies To

  • 8x8 Contact Center
  • Contact Center Configuration Manager


Change Queue-A's Route Voice Mail to queue to point to VoiceMailQueue-A.

  1. Log into Contact Center Configuration Manager.
  2. Select Queues/Skills.
  3. Double click Queue-A.
  4. Select the Voice Mail tab.
  5. Adjust Route Voice Mail to queue to VoiceMailQueue-A.clipboard_ec6ad92c611c445ed7be2671337521f20.png
  6. Click Save.


Queue-A has a message in the Waiting Music that tells callers "press 1 to leave a voice mail" and Queue-A's 'Voice Mail' > Route Voice Mail to queue is set to "VoiceMailQueue-B".

When the caller presses 1, the call is routed to the Queue's voice mail settings instead of the script's Overload routing.



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