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Unable to activate desk phone after upgrading to X Series
8x8 Support

Unable to activate desk phone after upgrading to X Series


Why does my desk phone not activate after upgrading to X Series? 

Applies To

  • Phones
  • Configuration Manager


If a desk phone does not activate after upgrading, it is likely not supported in Configuration Manager.

A list of physical devices that are not supported in Configuration Manager can be found below.

These devices were included in the X Series upgrade, but are not supported in Configuration Manager.

Known Issues and Restrictions

These devices have the following restrictions:

  • The device cannot be edited after the upgrade.
  • The device cannot be added back to the account if removed after the upgrade.

  • These will not be listed on the Devices page.

  • If any changes are made to the user profile that is assigned to the unsupported device it will result in the device not working or changes not saving correctly, and the device will need to be replaced. 
  • You will not be able to swap the unsupported device with a supported device. A new user profile will have to be created to activate the new device, and the old user profile can be deleted.

  • To replace the device, contact your Sales Representative to get more information for a new device and the Flex Program.

Unsupported Devices

Device Make Not Supported Models

Aastra Phones  

  • Aastra IP 6755i Deskphone
  • VO IP Phone - 6739i
  • VO IP Phone - 6753i
  • VO IP Phone - 6757i CT


  • SPA 122

MGCP Devices

  • 8x8 BPA430
  • Business Phone and Adapter
  • Broadband Phone Adapter 430 
  • Business Phone Adapter 410  
  • BPA 430 Trunking Fax
  • Uniden 160P  
  • Uniden 165P
  • Video Phone Tango 
  • Virtual Office BPA410
  • VO Fanstel and BPA410
  • VO Fanstel and BPA430 
  • VO Fanstel & Tango, Silver 
  • VO Fanstel & Tango, White
  • VO Fanstel & Tango, Black
  • VO VTA464 Tango Adapter, Black
  • Miscellaneous Equipment  


  • Panasonic Compact Handset KX-UDT121
  • Panasonic Deskphone KX-TPA65
  • Panasonic DECT Repeater KX-A406
  • Panasonic DECT Desk Phone UK
  • Panasonic DECT Rugged Handset
  • Panasonic DECT Compact Handset


  • Polycom Kirk 5020 Handset Bundle
  • Polycom Kirk KWS 300 Base Bundle
  • Polycom Kirk KWS 300 Base (PoE)
  • Polycom HDX 4000
  • Polycom HDX 4001
  • Polycom HDX 6000
  • Polycom HDX 7000
  • Polycom HDX 8000
  • Polycom HDX 9000
  • Polycom VVX 1500D


  • Spectralink IP-DECT Server KW300
  • Spectralink 7520 Handset Bundle


  • Yealink CP960 Conference Phone (PoE)
  • Yealink T21p SIP Phone w/acps

Additional Information

Supported Devices

A list of supported devices on Configuration Manager can be found here.