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Unable to Send Multipage Internet Fax
8x8 Support

Unable to Send Multipage Internet Fax


 Trying to send a multi-page internet fax and it is not sending. 

Applies To

  • Virtual Office Desktop (VOD)
  • Internet fax


If a multi-page internet fax fails to send, it can be due to a restriction or limitation of internet fax. Listed below are the restrictions and limitations. 

  • Total fax size sent cannot be greater than 19 MB.
  • Maximum of 5 files per fax.
  • Maximum page count of fax attachment in fax email notification is 20 pages.
  • Internet fax notification with attachments are only available with faxes up to 20 pages (inbound only).
  • Any fax exceeding 20 pages can still be downloaded from VOD.
  • Must use 11 digits for sending outbound fax. If a Number is Incomplete error appears, ensure that the user is sending to a fax number using 11 digits (e.g., 1 + 10-digit number).
  • Files sent cannot include any special characters or letters with accents. (Ex: ñ) 

Adjust the fax so that it within the limits and it should send. 


This is a limitation of internet fax. 

Additional Information 

If you are trying to send a multi page document multiple times but it keeps failing at the same spot (ex. page 4/9) there is something with the attachment that the 8x8 system is not able to convert properly to transmit. In the example above, it's the 5th page of the document. Review that page and see if it has any attributes that could cause issues such as gray shading, blurriness or general low quality (in addition to the known restrictions above). In that case, rescan the original document for a higher quality scan. 

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