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Call Handling Time Report - Contact Center Analytics


What is the difference in 'handing time' in Agent Interactions Summary vs Agent Status Time on Status?

Applies To

  • Contact Center


  • Handling Time on Agent Interactions Summary: represents the total time handling interactions (from the moment the agent Accepted the interaction until the WrapUp on the interaction started). An agent can do handling on multiple interactions at the same time (having multiple Chat interactions processed at the same time for example or doing some outbound calls on the second line).
  • Handling Time on Agent Status Time on Status: represents the time spent in the Handling state. That's it, the metrics on this reports represents the time spent by the agent in a certain status and the sum of the time spent in all individual statuses should add up to the total Login Time. In the AGUI application the agent has a general status: Available, OnBreak, WorkingOffline, Busy, PostProcessing. The Handling Time metric from this report represent the time spent by the agent in the Handling state (or Busy state in AGUI). This includes the Offering Time as well and please keep in mind that while being in the Handling state an agent could be handling multiple interactions at the same time.
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