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Configure external CRM API access


What operations can be executed using CRM API.

Applies To

  • Virtual Contact Center


To access 8x8 Contact Center CRM data, you can use CRM API. The CRM API component of the integration suite enables you to develop external programs to access data for customers, cases, tasks, follow-up records, as well as FAQs.

The CRM API uses HTTP or HTTPS to transmit requests and receives responses formatted as Extensible Mark-up Language (XML). All these API queries are authenticated by account access credentials.

To configure CRM API:

  1. Login to VCC Configuration Manager and open Integration from the left side.
  2. Go to the CRM API tab.
  3. Specify the account credentials and access rights used by an external process to access the Local CRM database.

Operations the third-party process allows to perform on the Local CRM:

  • Add to enable the third-party process to create a new CRM database record.
  • Modify to enable the third-party process to change an existing Local CRM database record.
  • Get to enable the third-party process to read the Local CRM database record.

The Add, Modify, and Get permissions can be selected for each the following categories of Local CRM database records, including:

  • Customers
  • Cases
  • Followups (No Modify option)
  • Tasks
  • FAQ

Additional Information

The CRM API cannot delete data from the Local CRM.

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