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End-of-Life (EOL) for Disaster Recovery Companion

Applies To

  • Disaster Recovery Companion 
  • Contact Center


With the EOL of Disaster Recovery Companion, all 8x8 customers are now covered by 8x8 Platform Resilience and our promise of high availability and a financially-backed 99.999% uptime guarantee across UC and CC. 8x8 is the first in the industry to offer such a guarantee. 


8x8 Platform Resilience is a secure, global service delivery offering four levels of redundancy, including:

  • Infrastructure - fully redundant infrastructure provides the foundation for high availability

  • Platform - fully redundant application platform means no downtime for upgrades and high availability of the service

  • Data - fully mirrored data sources mean high availability and complete consistency of data across redundant platforms

  • Geographic - all three layers above are also fully replicated across geographically diverse locations in each region


As we work to retire the DRC service over the upcoming weeks, we will remove any billing charges. Please note that, because each customer’s deployment is unique, we are unable to provide a specific date for removal. However, along with our promise of high availability, we promise to work to remove customer's DRC Service billing as quickly as possible.

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