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How to Create a Chat Script in 8x8 Contact Center


Create a chat script in 8x8 Contact Center

Applies To

  • Contact Center


  1. Go to the Script tab.
  2. Click Chat. The [add] option appears. For a complete list of objects and their descriptions, refer to Summary of Chat Script Objects.
  3. Click [add].
  4. Select Schedule from the chat objects.
    This object performs a particular sequence of script operations when the contact center is open or closed.
    1. Enter a name for the Object Tag.
    2. Select an existing schedule from the list of Select Schedule.
    3. Click OK.
  5. Click [add] next to Open and then:
    1. Select Forward to Queue, enter a name for the object tag, select a queue, and click OK.
      This object forwards a chat interaction to a specific chat queue, such as the sales or main queue.
    2. Select CVB Online, enter a name for the object tag, and click OK.
      CVB Online refers to a chat design element, such as a chat button, chat invitation, chat form, or chat window, which can be used on your website during the business hours.
    3. Select Greeting Message and click OK.
      This object displays the greeting message to invite customers to the chat session. [Optional] Append <@skipQueue@> to your message to offer the option to skip queue in the chat window.
    4. [Optional] Select Skip queue, enter the relevant parameters, and click OK.
      This object gives customers the option to opt out of waiting in the chat queue and send an email offline. It can only be triggered in the greeting message object.
  6. For the CVB Online, click [add]:
    1. Select Online button, enter a name for the object tag, select a button from the dropdown, and click OK.
    2. Select Invitation, enter a name for the object tag, select an invitation from the dropdown, and click OK.
    3. Select Pre-chat form, enter a name for the object tag, select a pre-chat form from the dropdown, and click OK.
    4. Select Chat Window, enter a name for the object tag, select a chat window from the drop down, and click OK.
  7. Click Close, then click [add].
    1. Click CVB Offline, enter a name for the object tag, and click OK.
      This object refers to a chat design element, such as a chat button or chat form, that activates on your website during closed hours.
    2. Click add offline button next to CVB Offline, enter a name for the object tag, select a button, and click OK.
  8. Click Save to save your chat script.
  9. To edit the details, click any object and select edit. An edit window opens up. To view the details, double-click any object. The View details window appears. You can also click edit from inside the View details window.
  10. To undo the changes click Revert.
  11. Click the  on the script page to generate a PDF image and save it locally. The PDF printout is generated containing the script name, date, and time of print. Supervisors and administrators can review and modify the script as needed.

How to use the script/embed the code in your website1

1. Within the Script, navigate to the Code  tab

2. Select the chat channel from the list.

chat script code.png


  1. Click Generate Code. The code appears in the window.
  2. Copy and paste the code to a page where you want to insert a chat button on your website.
    • This script does not interfere with the button layout. It must be included in the same page and within the body section of the web page, preferably just before the ending tag.
  3. Click the Chat button you just created. The Chat window opens.

Additional Information

Contact Center comes with default Online/Offline buttons, Invitation, Pre-chat form and Chat Window. To customize your own, go to the Chat Design tab in Configuration Manager for Contact Center