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How to create a backup of a script in 8x8 Contact Center Configuration Manager


Creating a backup might be needed in such instances where you need to modify your current script and you're unsure if the changes will have a negative impact. This article presents two ways of creating backups.

Applies To

  • 8x8 Contact Center scripts
  • Virtual Contact Center Configuration Manager


First method: downloading the script as PDF
  1. Go to VCC Configuration Manager
  2. Open Scripts
  3. Choose the second page, called Script
  4. Look for the download icon on the right. 


Please note that saving a script as PDF won't allow you to upload it at a later date. PDF copies are strictly for reference only.

Second method: copying the script into a new one
  1. Go to VCC Configuration Manager
  2. Open Scripts
  3. Select the relevant type out of Phone, Chat, Email, Social or SMS.
  4. Choose Add new (type) script
  5. In the category called Copy script from, select the script you want to backup


The second method allows you to assign the backup script to a channel, should the original one not work properly, after having undergone changes.