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How to send the original callers Caller ID on an agent internal transfer


Ensure that the receiving party on a transfer of a Contact Center call is receiving the original callers Caller ID.

Applies To

  • 8x8 Contact Center
  • 8x8 Agent Workspace


Agents can transfer received Contact Center calls to

To ensure the original inbound callers Caller ID is presented to the transferee should use the following  

Transfer to another agent

  1. With the call in progress select the transfer button.
  2. From the Contacts list select the agent to transfer the call to then choose either Cold Transfer or Warm Transfer (Warm Transfer allows the agent to announce the call to the new agent they are transferring to. Cold or Blind transfer sends the call immediately).

Transfer to another queue

  1. With the call in progress select the transfer button then select the Queues list and find the one the call is to be transferred to and select it followed by the Transfer button.
  2. Select Continue to confirm the transfer to the new queue.

Transfer to an extension on the PBX

  1. To send the original callers ID when transferring to an extension on the PBX you must enable outbound dialing codes. If you do not have Outbound codes already enabled see Article published here. Open the Outbound Codes for the Group the agents belong to and add a code to be used when transferring the call. Ensure the Forward CLI on transfer option is enabled.
  2. With the call in progress press the transfer button and either use the Dialpad option (if the extension number is known) or select the Contacts icon in the bottom left corner and filter for the user on the PBX side. Once found select the user.
    5_Transfer_dial_extD2.jpg        6_Transfer_dial_contactD2.jpg    
  3. From the Outbound codes select the code created in step one above then the Confirm and dial button.