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Persistent Token Clean Up FAQ


8x8 will be cleaning up Contact Center Persistent Tokens older than six months in order to speed up the system and clear out clutter.

Applies To

  • 8x8 Contact Center
  • CC Email and Voicemail queues

Frequently asked Questions 


What are contact center persistent tokens?

When non-real-time contact center interactions are queued, e.g. emails and voicemails,  8x8 Contact Center creates a token to represent that interaction. This is a persistent token as it remains in place until the interaction is handled by an agent – once the email is read or the voicemail is listened to, the token is deleted. 

Why are we removing these persistent tokens?

Over time many of our customers have amassed a large number of persistent tokens because they have not handled the email or voicemail interactions. The problem with maintaining this large amount of persistent tokens in the system is when contact center services need to be moved between tenants each token must be moved as well. Moving a large number of tokens can consume hours of time and slow the time it takes to switch contact center services between tenants.  

Are you removing all the persistent tokens?

No. The scope of the clean-up effort is targeting customers with persistent tokens that are more than six months old. This target was chosen because more than likely emails or voicemails that are more than six months old are not going to be processed or listened to. 

Are you deleting the customers’ emails from the system?

No. We are only deleting the token. Since the token is only the queued representation of the email, the email is not deleted when the token is. The email will still exist in the 8x8 CRM database; however, it will no longer be queued for delivery to an agent. 

Are you deleting the customers’ voicemails from the system?

Yes. Once the token is deleted the voicemail can no longer be accessible in the system and for all intents and purposes, it is removed from the system. That said, we are only removing voicemails that are more than six months old. 

However, if the customer has enabled voicemail queue notifications, then they can retrieve the voicemails from the email address that they have provided in the field. 

When will this clean up of persistent tokens happen and how will my customers know this is happening? 

The clean up of persistent tokens that are more than six months old will begin towards the end Q2 and throughout Q3. Removing the tokens depends on the platform being restarted, so once a customer is in the queue to have their tokens removed it will happen at the next platform restart. More specific timing will be communicated to your customers before the clean up takes place and it will have no impact on your customers' contact center operations or cause any downtime. 

What is the plan to keep customers from holding on to persistent tokens going forward?

Once all the persistent tokens six months and older are cleaned up, 8x8 is putting in place a process to automatically remove tokens that are more than six months old - creating a six month limit on tokens. Customers that are part of this clean up plan will be made aware of this new policy. 

For new customers, this process will be outlined in the user guides. 

Is there any impact on my customers’ contact center operations?

No, unless your customer(s) plan to read/respond to these 6+ month old emails and/or listen to the voice messages, there is no impact to operations. 

Will the customers' agents see anything different when they log in after the clean up has taken place?

Yes, in Agent Workspace, the number of voicemails and emails assigned to the various queues will drop by the number of deleted tokens and this will be seen by agents.

Will this cause me any downtime?

No. This will not cause any downtime and will not require any customer action.

Will this change or affect customer analytics/reporting?

No. Due to the way we manage interactions, all interactions that are over 30 days old are not considered for reporting purposes, therefore removing unread emails and voicemails that haven’t been listened to from the queue will not affect analytics /reporting.


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