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Agent Remains in Available Status When Making a Manual Outbound Dial


Agent makes an outbound manual dial via the 8x8 Agent Workspace but the status remains as available.

Applies To

  • 8x8 Contact Center
  • 8x8 Agent Workspace
  • Configuration Manager for Contact Center


Outbound phone codes with assigned outbound queues is required to place the agent into the desired 'Busy' status. 

  1. Login as an admin to your Configuration Manager for Contact Center via SSO. Click here to understand how to
  2. Set up Outbound Phone codes for the agent. Click here to understand how to
  • On step 2 linked 'How to' article please pay attention to point 7 on queues - that must be populated with an outbound queue. By placing the manual dial call into a queue the agent status will change to busy and not be offered other calls for the duration of it
  • If you want the caller ID to default to just a single one without the agent choosing, just have only one line of outbound phone code created and it will default to that
  • Check the phone settings of the agent (instructions hereto check on your agent's configured outbound phone code


Agent do not get the ability to choose country specific outbound caller ID and are not placed in queue, this is why when status remains Available and a second call still comes in

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